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The most efficient solutions in thread for sewing footwear and leather goods

To obtain a quality seam in the shoe and leather goods industry, you must use the right materials. That is why we detail below the characteristics of the threads that we manufacture:

PASSAT – Polyamide multifilament yarn 6.6 SUPRA – Polyester multifilament yarn
Excellent sewing Very good sewing
A superior tensile strength High thermal tolerance during sewing
Exceptional resistance to rubbing Even sliding capacity
Anti-refraction Good resistance to acids (eg sweat)
Excellent appearance and gloss Good resistance to atmospheric agents

Advanced thread solutions for sewing footwear and leather goods

To improve efficiency when used in different production processes, PASSAT and SUPRA yarns are offered in the BONDED and WR versions that provide the following advantages:


NYBOND – Threaded polyamide 6.6 multifilament yarn


SUPRABOND  – Polyester threaded multifilament yarn


– Improves sewing on double needle machines


– Increases abrasion resistance


– Increased resistance to UV rays


– Reduces the absorption of water


– Prevents open ends by improving productivity.


– Facilitates the threading process


– Extends the thread life.


PASSAT WR – Water-repellent polyamide 6.6 multifilament yarn


SUPRA WR– Water-repellent polyester multifilament yarn


– Eliminates water absorption


– Prevents the shoe from getting wet due to capillarity


– Extends the thread life.


– Increased resistance to UV rays

Specific products in threads for sewing footwear and leather goods

For other applications such as handicrafts, vulcanized footwear, sewing of soles, hand sewn or hemmed, the following range of articles are also used:

hilo coser suelas zapatos

TERBLAC – Spun polyester yarn


– Very good sewing


– Rustic textile appearance


– High thermal tolerance during sewing


– Includes the range for sewing PUNTO-OJAL

BRAIDED – Braided multifilament yarn


Up to 3 versions available:




TRELUX-E: Semi-waxed


TRELUX: Lubricado


Available with water-repellent treatment


– Wide range of colors


– Homogeneous quality finishes


– Suitable for manual or machine sewing


– Includes range for sewing CASCO

CINDO – Tape of hemming


Also called reinforcing tape, it is made from materials such as Nylon, Polyester, Cotton or their mixtures.


Hasta 4 versiones disponibles:


cindo-C :: Continua


cindo-T :: Trenzada


cindo-R : Redonda


cindo-PAL : Mezcla


– Amplia gama de anchos


– Disponible en colores bajo pedido


– Carretes específicos para las máquinas de dobladillar.



For technical applications such as antistatic footwear sewing, racing pilot boots, or firefighter boots we also recommend:

A-STATIC – Conductive multifilament yarn


– Greater softness during contact


– According to ISO 20345


– Keeps properties intact after sewing.

NOMEX® – Meta-aramid thread


– Wide variety of colors.


– Does not adhere to human skin.


– Resistant to 370ºC

KEVLAR® – Para-aramid thread


– Extraordinarily resistant to breaking and cutting.


– Wide variety of thicknesses.


– Resistant to 425ºC

SUNLAST – Polytetrafluoroethylene


– Extreme resistance to chemical agents.


– Resistant from -270 ° C to 270 ° C


– It does not absorb water or degraded by UV rays.


– Excellent resistance to abrasion.



For the development of customized products we adapt our threads, either in composition, thickness, color or coil size in a record time.


Here are some of the types of yarns we manufacture:

PEARL – Metallized yarns


– With more or less metal content


– We achieve maximum breaking strength


– Infinity of combinations from Gold and Silver

XENON – Fluorescent wire


Available in 4 colors on the PASSAT range:


Yellow XN01


Orange XN02


Rosa XN03


Green XN04

Available with waterproof and bonded treatment


– Wide range of thicknesses


– Also available in the SUPRA range

Color range


Each material used to make the threads and tapes is different from the others, so it has different properties and consequently the colors do not have the same appearance in one matter or another. That’s why in Hicoman® we have a specific color chart for each of them. Please request your color chart.

Any other color in a minimum quantity of 18 kg.

More information about our products?

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