When dealing with a topic as delicate as fireproof sewing threads resistant to fire and high temperatures we must make a first classification to clearly define the properties of each thread and know what we can expect from them.

Classification Temperature Material Brand Hicoman
Non-flammable 1200ºC Sílice SILICAN
on-flammable 1000º CSteel + P-aramida KEVLAR SS
Inflamable 550ºC Vidrio + PTEE GLASCORE
Non-flammable 275ºC PTFE SUNLAST
Flame retardant 425ºC P-aramida KEVLAR
Flame retardant 370ºC M-aramida NOMEX ARX

Our entire range of sewing threadsfireproof are heat resistant, meaning that the wires do not lose their properties while the temperature increases.

This property is inherent and comes from its own chemical nature, so it is not lost with the passage of time or its repeated use.

Inflammable: adj. It can not ignite or can not burn with flame.

Flame retardant  : adj. It protects against fire.

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The market for heat protection articles is duly regulated by regulations, laws and / or provisions for each type of product.

These are the main ones:

EN 469 Protective clothing for firefighters.
EN ISO 11611 Protective clothing used during welding and related processes.
EN ISO 11612 Protective clothing. Protective clothing against heat and flame.
EN ISO 14116 Protective clothing. Protection against heat and flame. Clothing, materials and set of materials with limited flame propagation.
EN ISO 15025 Protective clothing. Protection against heat and flames. Test method for limited flame propagation.
EN ISO 15614 Protective clothing for firefighters. Laboratory test methods and performance requirements for forest clothing.
EN ISO 3146 Plastics. Determination of the melting behavior (melting temperature or melting range) of semi-crystalline polymers.

Generally, there is no such standard that includes specific requirements for sewing threads, and these must be analyzed for the entire product to be certified.

In Hicoman®, we have performed the relevant procedures to ensure that when using the yarns indicated in this catalog, the manufactured product will comply with those standards, but according to the regulations, the manufacturer of the final product must be responsible for ensuring that his product complies with the corresponding normative.


HICOMAN Brand Advantage Disadvantages
KEVLAR SS Maximum resistance to fire Poor UV resistance
KEVLAR High tear and shear strength Poor UV resistance
NOMEX ARX Great variety of color and good sewing Low breaking strength
SUNLAST Unbeatable chemical resistance and water repellency Low thermal resistance
GLASCORE Excellent resistance to stress Brittle. It can give off dust.
SILICA Maximum temperature resistance Extremely brittle.

HICOMAN: Solutions for the sewing of technical fabrics.

At Hicoman we have the most advanced manufacturing technology to offer you the latest generation products from high performance materials. We also provide advice and customer service, product customization and custom manufacturing. All this under ISO certification and compliance with REACH standards.

Our sewing thread sewing threads are perfectly adapted to the sector of Protection against heat and fire, and are applied, among others, in the following products:

Refractory products Protective clothing
Thermal insulation Protective Gloves
High furnaces Safety footwear
Fire-retardant curtains Bulletproof Vests
Ingrown rugs and blankets Mattresses
Aviation Upholstery
Valvulería Calorifugados
Expansion joints Filtration

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