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Nylon bonded sewing thread

The nylon bonded sewing thread is composed of high tenacity polyamide 6.6 which gives it a high resistance to breakage and abrasion. It has elasticity which makes it ideal for applications where the thread must yield and recover its position avoiding tears.

It is manufactured in the references:

  • NYBOND 80 – NM 80/3
  • NYBOND 60 – NM 40/2
  • NYBOND 40 – NM 40/3
  • NYBOND 30 – NM 20/2
  • NYBOND 20 – NM 20/3
  • NYBOND 15 – NM 15/3
  • NYBOND 10 – NM 10/3
  • NYBOND 7 – NM 7/3
  • NYBOND 5 – NM 5/3

Available in 10 models of different carts and reels.
Quantity of thread per carton from 20g to 2000g without knots.
90 colors in stock in most references.

Also available with treatment:

– WR: Water-repellent and oil-repellent.
– SW: Semi-waxed
– WAX: Tarpaulin
– EXTRA-LUB: Extra-lubricated
– UV: Anti-UV filter

Check our NYBOND color chart for more information on colors, standard sizes and more technical data.

carta colores hilo para coser de bonded nylon

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