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DuPont Nomex (m-ARAMIDE)

Sewing thread NOMEX meta-aramid supports temperatures up to 370 ° C and has excellent flame and heat resistance. It does not melt or drips and does not adhere to human skin.

The NOMEX meta-aramid sewing thread is manufactured in the references:
Definiciones de aramid
any of a class of synthetic polymers, related to nylon, that yield fibers of exceptional strength and thermal stability.
The most common fibers used in structural applications are fiberglass, aramid , and carbon.

NOMEX 70 – NM 70/3 – Carts of 5.000m
NOMEX 40 – NM 40/3 – Carts of 3.000m y 6.000m
NOMEX 20 – NM 20/3 – Carts of 750m y 1.500m

NOMEX 60 – NM 40/2 – Carts of 3.000m
NOMEX 40 – NM 40/3 – Carts of 2.000mm
NOMEX 20 – NM 20/3 – Carts of 1.000m

Available in 2 sizes.
8 colors in stock in references 70 and 40

Also available with treatment:

– WR: Water-repellent and oil-repellent.
– SW: Semi-waxed
– WAX: Tarpaulin
– EXTRA-LUB: Extra-lubricated
– BONDED: Improves seamability and abrasion resistance.

Complies with regulations: EN 469, EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 14116, EN ISO 15025, EN ISO 3146


In general, NOMEX® fiber shows great resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. It is highly resistant to most hydrocarbons and organic solvents. Chemical resistance during exposure to chemicals and solvents used in cleaning applications contributes to the excellent durability and service life of NOMEX® products.

In addition, the strength of NOMEX® to acids is better than that of nylon, but not as good as that of polyester. However, at high temperatures, resistance to acid vapors is better than that of polyester. NOMEX® shows excellent resistance to alkalis at room temperature, but is degraded by strong alkalis at high temperatures. NOMEX® has excellent resistance to sodium hypochlorite bleach.

NOMEX® is resistant to degradation by fluorinated elastomers, resins and refrigerants at high temperatures.

The flame resistance of NOMEX® is an essential characteristic that is inherent and proper to this fiber. Therefore, the chemical structure of this fiber is not flammable. Unlike natural fibers and many synthetic fibers, NOMEX® does not ignite or burn in the air and NOMEX® does not melt or drip.

Products made with NOMEX® act as a protective barrier and help to reduce damage caused by fire.
The recommended maximum temperature for NOMEX® is 400 ° F (204 ° C). When exposed to intense heat, the NOMEX® fiber carbonizes and becomes more rigid, forming a protective barrier between the heat source and the skin.

This barrier remains elastic and flexible until cooled, giving the user an extra few seconds of protection and escape.

Check our color chart sewing thread NOMEX for more information on colors, standard sizes and more technical data.

carta colores hilo coser nomex ignifugo

NOMEX® is a registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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